The Knight of Sight Fellowship was created by The Lions Eye Bank of Wisconsin, to recognize Wisconsin Lions for their overall efforts to restore sight and prevent blindness through their dedicated and generous activities in tissue transportation, other related efforts and the various Mission Programs. This is the highest honor provided by The Lions Eye Bank of Wisconsin that can be bestowed by the club on a member.

Lion William Fenger                        Awarded on Installation Night 2008
Lion John Bordak                           Awarded on Installation Night 2010
Lion Karla Harris, PID+                  Awarded by Lion Eye Bank 2010
Lion Joe Weirich                             Awarded on Installation Night 2012
Lion Dennis Ryan                           Awarded on Installation Night 2014
Lion Linda Ryan                             Awarded on Installation Night 2014
Lion/Lioness Patti Redlin              Awarded Lioness Meeting Night 2015
Lion Patti Redlin                            Progressive Awarded 2021
Lion Blaine Schultz+                      Awarded Meeting Night 2016
Lion Dan Eberhardt Jr. PDG         Awarded Meeting Night 2015
Lion Mark Keishian                       Awarded on Installation Night 2017
Lion Richard Blaha                       Awarded Meeting Night 2018
Lion Allan Bassett                         Awarded Meeting Night 2018
Lion Jackie Ove                            Awarded on Installation Night 2019
Lion Amy Block                            Awarded Meeting Night 2019
Lion George Becker                     Awarded on Installation Night 2022